Each participant with Kilgore's Kids will have hunts/activities tailored to their needs. They will come up with their own individual "dream sheet" that encompasses a list of goals and accomplishments and it will show the progression of their skills. We not only provide the training and mentoring, we also provide any adaptive equipment to improve their abilities. No matter what the outdoor activity is, we work with each person individually to insure they reach their goals and the results they want and deserve. Ultimately being prepared to use their new found self-confidence to fulfill their dreams with an awesome adventure with the Kilgore's Kids staff.

Whether it be a fishing trip to the Gulf or a hunting trip in Texas, we strive to make these dreams happen!

Putting special kids on an even playing field

Putting special kids on an even playing field

We are based in North Georgia, however we help kids from all over the Southeast.  We are a Non-Profit organization, helping physically challenged kids overcome and rejoice in God's great outdoors. We specialize in teaming up with physically challenged youth from ages 4 to 21, to provide the tools and encouragement needed to succeed in any outdoor sportsman activity. From hunting, to fishing, or any other outdoor activity we mentor the youth with respect to create a positive learning experience while creating lasting memories.

​​Kilgore's Kids

We not only concentrate on the children and hunting aspect of our organization, but also the families. We want to provide a positive experience for the whole family! Getting everyone involved in our organization and giving them the chance to experience things they may not have thought were possible for the child or their family. These children do not just end their journey with Kilgore's Kids after their dream hunt. They can then choose to be a mentor. Once you are part of Kilgore's Kids you are part of our Family!

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